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Your one stop for Cycling Info in Niagara

Very Useful Information

Want to Advocate for better Cycling?

Want to upgrade your cycling skills, feel more confident on the road? Check out BikeNiagara for their offerings of cycling education geared towards adults as well as young people.

Port Robinson Ferry
Bridge-It Information and schedule from Thorold Tourism

Ontario Welcomes Cyclists

Visiting Niagara? Nous Parles Francais

Stranded with a breakdown?
CAA Member?
CAA now offers Bike Assist Service to its members

US Bridge Crossing Information

Documents everyone should have before entering the US

Queenston/Lewiston Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Peace Bridge

Whirlpool Bridge
NOTE: The Whirlpool Bridge is NEXUS only, not available to pedestrians nor cyclists

Niagara Construction Schedules

Niagara Region

St. Catharines

Niagara Falls


Have an old or unused Bike to Donate?

There are these opportunities in Niagara to have your ride "recycled"

Is your old bike in need of serious repair?

Ontario Bicycle Safety Info from Ministry of Transportation

Resource Centre for Cycling Advocates

Effective Cycling, by John Forester: The definitive handbook for cyclists and proponents, whether daily commuters or weekend warriors. Available for purchase from major book retailers.

Now the book is expensive, so first start reading John Forester's voluminous web posts:

Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Delve into transportation policy and planning from a technical perspective. Sign up for the quarterly newsletter, Todd Litman is the go to guy for all things transportation in Canada.

MTO Guide to Cycling in Ontario

CycleON Ontario's cycling strategy

Share the Road Cycling Coalition

Ontario Traffic Manual for Bicycle Design Book 18
Careful, the pdf document is over 30 Megs